Support COVID-19 Small Business Relief

Across the country COVID-19 has decimated small businesses in nearly every industry limiting sales, requiring new protocols, shuttering stores, and resulting in droves of people heading to the unemployment line. The Federal government has provided several beneficial programs to mitigate the negative economic effects of the pandemic such as the Paycheck Protection Program that has saved Main Street businesses during the downturn, but many of the challenges remain. As the country continues to reopen and address the far-reaching consequences of COVID-19, policymakers must create favorable conditions for mom and pop businesses to revitalize, rebuild, and recover. 

PCA encourages retail and manufacture members to contact Congress to get them to support the framework outlined in our Blueprint for Post COVID-19 recovery for the premium cigar industry. By addressing liability protection, Paycheck Protection Program Reform, and Tax Policy, Congress will provide our industry with the infrastructure to rebound after the effects of COVID-19. In addition to these legislative asks, PCA continues with the administration to seek regulatory relief from the FDA also addressed in the blueprint.

Contact Congress today to have your voice heard!

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