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Save Small Businesses Oppose S. 3174

The S.3174 – Reversing the Youth Tobacco Epidemic Act of 2020 introduced by Senator Sherrod Brown (OH) represents a massive government overreach that would harm the premium cigar & pipe industry by imposing a new set of regulations and expand other regulations onto small business owners that would force them to cancel important lines of their business. S. 3174 inhibits the sustainability of the premium cigar industry.

Join PCA in strongly opposing the bill in its entirety. This bill includes provisions that would decimate the legal sale of premium cigars to legal age adults. Among the harmful provisions included in the bill are a tax increase, a ban on charitable sponsorships, a ban on the sale of promotional products, and other marketing and advertising restrictions meant for other tobacco products. This bill views premium cigars in the same one-size-fits-all context of mass-produced cigarettes and vaping products. Premium cigars are artisanal products that are infrequently enjoyed by adults and should not be subject to these restrictions. The key provisions highlighted in our opposition will be devastating to the premium cigar industry and aren’t warranted given a lack of substantive evidence of any youth access or usage of premium cigars.

Tell Congress to protect small business owners and oppose this bill. Take Action!

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