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Humidor to the Hill Video Campaign

We need you to record a simple 30 second video in your retail store to share with your Member of Congress. Talk about your small business, how long you have been around, number of employees, charitable activites that you have particpated in, and any measures that you take to ensure the legal sale of products to adults. Customers are welcome to submit videos as well. Here are a few talking points and tips for your videos:

1) Introduce yourself as a constiuent and your role. (I.E Owner, Employee, or Cigar Enthusiast). This will be sent to both of your Senators and Representative so don’t use a specific name. 

2) Be respestful and refrain from any profanity. PCA reserves the right to send the submission of the video to the Members of Congress. 

3) Mention that legislation and regulations that restrict or tax premium cigars could be harmful to the industry. 

4)This is your opportunity to tell your story and provide an anecedote about premium cigars to lawmakers. Don’t be scripted and make it interesting. 

***Please note: video messages can be recorded by activating the built-in cameras on their Iphone, Android, Laptop, Desktop, or Tablet devices.***

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