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IPCPR Federal Advocacy 101

On May 29th, the IPCPR Federal Affairs team conducted the “Federal Cigar Advocacy 101 Webinar” as part of our ongoing IPCPR Tobacconist’s Webinar Series.  The presentation gave an overview on what defines federal advocacy, how you can become an advocate for the cigar industry, and how to utilize all of the advocacy resources IPCPR has to offer.  CLICK HERE to view the presentation.

Your Voice Matters!

Your legislators genuinely want to hear from you. A recent Congressional Mangement Foundation study* found that as little as 30 social media messages are enough to move the needle on an issue for a legislator. Let’s stand together, get on the same page, and move with one, strong voice.

*Congressional Managment Foundation. (2015). #SocialCongress 2015.

Sample Hashtags:

#CigarsAreNotTheProblem | #PremiumCigars | #NotTheSame | #LocalBusiness | #ProtectPremiumCigars

Sample Posts:

#PremiumCigars are not the same as cigarettes, so why are they regulated the same?! Use this tool to help us protect cigar retailers

There is no way local cigar retailers should be regulated the same as huge cigarette companies. I just sent a message directly to my legislator using this tool to say #CigarsAreNotTheProblem

Local cigar retailers are being burned by regulating cigars the same as cigarettes. Let’s work together to change that and support #LocalBusiness

I am all for keeping tobacco away from kids but it’s clear – #CigarsAreNotTheProblem! I just used this tool to send a message directly to my legislators, Please help by doing the same #ProtectPremiumCigars

Downloadable Images to Post:

Step 1: Just right click on the image(s) of your choice or press and hold the image on a mobile device
Step 2: Save it to your device
Step 3: Insert image into your post