Support the Military Exemption for T 21

The Premium Cigar Association (PCA) remains committed to combating youth access to tobacco products and recognizes the need to address adolescent nicotine addiction prompted by the rise in popularity of e-cigarettes and vaping products. Premium cigars are not part of this youth access issue but could be adversely affected by several provisions in legislation related to the tobacco 21 debate. 

PCA supports keeping tobacco out of schools and recognizes the inherent vulnerability that exists because high schoolers have access to nicotine and vape products. However, adults who enlist in the military do not represent this vulnerable demographic and should be exempt from an increase in the age restriction. Members of our armed services routinely enjoy premium cigars as part of the camaraderie of service and PCA encourages Congress to preserve this privilege for those sacrificing for our freedom. 

Premium cigars offer an inherent and non-addictive stress relief mechanism and PCA supports the efforts of organizations like Cigars for Warriors who provide donated premium cigars to active duty service men and women. Sometimes a good cigar enjoyed with friends is what members of our military look forward to most at the end of a tough day.

Please take a moment to urge Congress to include a military exemption in Tobacco 21 legislation, which has been successfully granted in states like Maryland, Virginia, and California. The military exemption is needed at the federal level to preserve these state level exemptions and included in overall federal policy. Please feel free to edit our pre-written message and personalize it before sending.

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