New York Support Premium Tobacconist Legislation

Support These Important Bills in the New York Legislature

S.B. 6741/ A 8156

New York State Senator Jessica Ramos, has introduced S.B. 6741, that will work to protect New York’s premium retail tobacconists, will assist in their economic recovery from the COVID Pandemic, and bring revenue to the state. It will also provide relief for New York’s cigar patrons, as they too emerge from the strain of the last year,

This measure will establish a tax of tobacco products tax exclusively for premium cigars or cigars at 75 percent of the wholesale price or 50 cents, whichever is less.

This measure provides that a tax on cigars or premium cigars shall be at the rate of 75 percent of the wholesale price or 50 cents, whichever is less and is intended to be imposed only once upon the sale of any cigars or premium cigars.

S.B. 6742 / A 6162

This measure would allow for a license to sell liquor at retail for consumption on-premises in a cigar lounge and it will require cigar lounges to provide written notification warning employees of the dangers of exposure to tobacco smoke.

This measure will provide requirements for a license to sell liquor at retail for on-premises consumption in a cigar lounge. Any person currently licensed in New York with a retail dealer certificate of registration for cigarettes and tobacco products who was first issued such certificate prior to June 1, 2018, who does not currently or did hold prior a club liquor or club beer license at the same location of the cigar lounge may make an application to the appropriate board for a license to sell liquor at retail to be consumed on the premises. The measure also requires a written notice to employees and applicants working in a cigar lounge of the potential negative health effects of working in a cigar lounge. This bill prohibits the smoking of cigarettes, hookah, and shisha in an establishment granted the new license. This act shall take effect immediately.