Petition: Oppose FDA Proposed Rule

Attention all premium cigar consumers and retailers! The FDA has proposed new regulations on tobacco product manufacturing that could have severe consequences for small businesses and consumers. We urge you to take action and sign the below petition against this proposed rule and voice your concerns to the FDA.

​​​​​​First and foremost, the FDA has not provided evidence to support the need for these regulations, such as data on any incidents of or illnesses caused by nonconforming premium cigars and pipe tobacco. The proposed manufacturing standard is a solution in search of a problem.​​

The proposed standard will require manufacturers to make significant investments in new equipment, ​compliance ​training, and​ additional​ personnel. ​These costs will be significant and ongoing, resulting in higher prices at the wholesale and retail level.​​ ​Unintended consequences may also include increased black market activity and counterfeiting of higher end products.

​​Lastly, the proposed regulations impose ​a seed-to-smoke tracking requirement for every premium cigar and a controlled system for managing return and disposition of tobacco products to the manufacturer. These resource intense and intrusive burdens mimic how FDA manages pharmaceuticals, which is inappropriate for tobacco. It will devastate small manufacturers overseas, which will limit supply and increase costs for small business retailers in the United States.

We urge you to speak out against these proposed regulations and to demand that the FDA provide evidence to support the need for such regulations.​Sign the petition below and spread the word about this important issue. Let’s fight against these proposed regulations and protect our industry arm in arm, consumers and business owners! By signing the petition you are agreeing to voice opposition to the proposed regulation and your name will be submitted along with a cover letter to the Food and Drug Administration and the open docket.