Pennsylvania, HB 1657 Threatens the Privileges of Premium Cigar Consumers

The Premium Cigar Association, on behalf of the retail tobacconists and consumers of Pennsylvania, is opposed to HB 1657. This legislation seeks to prohibit smoking in enclosed public places and places of employment, private clubs, enclosed residential facilities, and certain outdoor public places and places of employment.

This legislation would also allow local governments to enact stricter regulations then the state government will impose. This will create a patchwork of smoking regulations which will create an uneven playing field for tobacconists across the state.

This legislation would have a devastating impact on the venues which are available to premium cigar patrons of Pennsylvania, and the businesses that serve them. It would ban smoking in cigar shops, cigar lounges, private clubs, and virtually anywhere else where cigars are currently enjoyed. Additionally, it would make it difficult for cigar shops and lounges to continue operating, as they would be forced to prohibit smoking on their premises.

We urge all premium cigar enthusiasts in Pennsylvania to contact their representatives and express their opposition to this bill. It is important that our voices are heard and that our rights as cigar consumers are protected.

Please join us in speaking out against HB 1657. Together, we can make a difference!