Manufacturers Only: Oppose the Proposed FDA Manufacturing Practices

Attention all premium cigar manufacturers! The FDA has proposed new regulations on tobacco product manufacturing that ​will have severe consequences ​across the supply chain​​.​Compliance with the regulations ​will​​ require significant investments in new equipment, ​compliance procedures, ​training, and personnel. ​In some cases, local infrastructure may not provide sufficient power or potable water to meet FDA’s requirements. The resulting supply constraints and increased costs to ​​consumers​ may result ​​in increased counterfeiting and ​black market activity.

It is crucial that premium cigar manufacturers voice their concerns and submit a comment to the FDA. This is an opportunity to have your voice heard and to make a difference. By submitting a comment, you can help protect your business, your industry, and your customers.

When using the pre-written comment below we ask that you customize it to be personal to you and your business. Tell the FDA how this proposed regulation would harm your business and employees. Most impactful statements will tell a story on how premium cigars have helped your family business and the family businesses you rely on to sell your products.

Resources for submitting a public comment 

We urge you to take action now and submit a comment to the FDA. Let’s fight against these proposed regulations and protect our industry together!