Oppose Tax Increase and Flavor Ban in Michigan

Michigan State Senators Stephanie Chang, Sue Shink, John Cheery and Sam Singh have teamed up for the introduction of a number of anti-tobacco bills in the state legislature, including S.B. 648 and S.B. 649.
S.B. 648 would dramatically increase taxes on every product in the OTP (Other Tobacco Product) category to 57% of the wholesale price. This means that customers will buy elsewhere if this tax increase is passed.

In addition, they have introduced S.B. 649, which prohibits the advertising, marketing, display and selling of any flavored tobacco product that has the “characterizing flavor” of anything besides tobacco. That, as we know, can be a rather subjective notion.

But there is time to make your voice heard. Sending this letter lets your legislators know how this tax increase will harm your business and asks them to vote down this egregious tax increase. Take action today!