Oppose Smoking Ban Expansion in Pennsylvania!

Pennsylvania State Senator Wayne Fontana has introduced S.B. 124 that would ban smoking in casinos, directly threatening jobs, revenue and personal choice in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, Pennsylvania Representative Dan Frankel wants to close all exemptions from existing state law, including a ban on smoking in cigar bars, cigar lounges, “drinking establishments,” as well as casinos. Even private clubs are threatened!

Such legislation will only harm Pennsylvania small businesses, take away the choices of adult patrons, and drive business to neighboring states. Pennsylvania has a rich and prosperous history with the premium cigar industry, from farms to corporate offices, to some of the most acclaimed local cigar shops and lounges in the nation. As for casinos, there is a clear and indisputable link between gaming and smoking bans. Jobs and revenue will be threatened, and lost.

Let’s send a message. Protect Pennsylvania small businesses and casinos. Protect personal choices of patrons. In this time of economic uncertainty, Pennsylvania doesn’t need more regulation! Join the Premium Cigar Association and the Pennsylvania Premium Cigar Retailers Association in sending a message to the legislature!