Oppose Premium Cigar Tax Cap Increase in Minnesota

Minnesota Representative Jennifer Schultz (DFL) has introduced HF 1721 which represents a threatening attack on the Minnesota small businesses that sell premium cigars, and the premium cigar industry as a whole.

HF 1721 takes the .50 cent tax cap and raises it to $5.00 per cigar or the rate of 97 percent (previously 95%) of the wholesale sale price of a premium cigar. The lesser of the two values is how the tax is calculated currently and in the new legislation.

This bill would make Minnesota one of the highest tax states on premium cigars in the nation, and would destroy the local small businesses that rely upon the same of these craft products. The bill has been referred to the House Committee on Health Finance and Policy, and you can find the full text here. Take a few moments to tell your elected representatives in Minnesota to oppose the tax hike and save premium cigar businesses and employees in the state.