New Hampshire: HB 510

NOTICE: The New Hampshire Premium Cigar Association and Premium Cigar Association are closely monitoring the proposed legislation, HB 510, which aims to remove the cigar exemption from the OTP (other tobacco products) tax. We are actively working with our legislative allies to ensure this measure is defeated.

This proposed change in the tax code would not only harm small businesses in the state but also negatively impact cigar enthusiasts who choose to purchase premium cigars in New Hampshire. We strongly urge members of the New Hampshire cigar community to stay up to date in case action is needed to defend all of the small businesses across the state. Together, we can protect the rights of cigar smokers and keep cigars affordable for all.

We encourage all members to stay informed on this important issue and keep others apprised of the latest.


J. Glynn Loope
Director of State Advocacy
Premium Cigar Association.