Fight Proposed Tax Increases on Premium Cigars in New York!

Oppose A. 2172, S. 3448 and S. 2425!

Attention all premium cigar retailers and customers in New York: A. 2172 and S. 3448 and S. 2425 are three proposed bills, that would increase the “other tobacco product tax” from 75% to 95%, and in the case of S. 2425, to 129%! These proposed increases would have a devastating impact on every community tobacconist in New York, and drive patrons to every surrounding state.

We need your help to protect the premium cigar small businesses of New York. By clicking the link below, you can send a letter to your legislators and urge them to reject these proposed increases on the “other tobacco product” tax. Your voice matters and can make a difference in ensuring the survival of New York businesses, and the bottom line, for their patrons.