Consumers: Canadian Health Warnings Will Harm Business

Cigar aficionados of Canada! NOW is the time to take on the fight against overreaching regulations and restrictions. Health Canada is once again attacking your favorite premium cigar businesses. You have endured graphic health warning labels on your cigars. You have put up with Flavour bans on cigars. You have endured bans on cigar lounges. You have put up with high federal and provincial taxes on your cigars. Lastly, you have endured plain packaging on your beloved cigars. Is there no end!

We know cigars are not the target of these regulations. We know you enjoy a cigar once and awhile, with friends or on a special occasion. The proposed new Health Warnings will impact your access to international cigars.

Why does this affect you?

  • Brands and sizes will be rationalized due to economies of scale, just as with plain packaging.
  • It will make importing cigars extremely difficult or impractical, if not impossible.
  • This will seriously affect the selection of cigars you will find at your tobacconist.
  • It will affect the viability of your neighborhood tobacconist.

These changes will limit the number of cigars on shelves, and could destroy your right to choose products. The industry is unable to comply with these proposed changes as written. Accordingly, tobacconists will no longer carry the wide selection you deserve.

Now is the time to act, and it starts with sending this letter to your MPs. We need to unite and make our opposition to the new Health Warnings heard. Contact your MPs and make sure they oppose this restriction to consumer choice and business killing legislation! Enter your information in the text box to send a pre-written message to your MPs today!