Baltimore City Cigar Lounge Reopening

In 2020, PCA members were faced with a variety of restrictions, new mandates, and even full business closures. In some states and localities, this has continued in the New Year due to the pandemic. The association has put together a variety of guides and resources to ensure the health and safety of customers during COVID-19 and PCA members have worked hard to operate under changing conditions to protect consumers. It has come to our attention that despite the diligent work of our members, some local and state governments are unfairly treating retailers of tobacco products when it comes to reopening lounges and cigar bars.

The City of Baltimore is one of the localities that has allowed restaurants and other small businesses to reopen, but still prohibits cigar lounges. Take a few moments to contact the Mayor and City Council l to urge them to permit cigar lounges to safely reopen alongside other hospitality businesses. If you are an owner/operator, employee, or consumer, it is important that your voice is heard on this matter.