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Thank Congress for Defending the Premium Cigar Industry

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is threatening the premium cigar industry, the thousands of small businesses, employees, and enthusiasts, but certain members of the Senate have taken a stand. They have chosen to support the Traditional Cigar Manufacturing and Small Business Jobs Preservation Act of 2019 (S.9) which defines premium cigars for the federal government and exempts them from the current overreaching FDA regulations.

Please take a moment to send this prewritten email thanking Senators for supporting premium cigars by co-sponsoring S.9 and urging Senators that do not currently support S.9 to take a stand for the cigar industry. Make sure that you edit and personalize the message mentioning your connection to premium cigars. Personal stories matter. How many people does your cigar shop employ? When did you enjoy your first premium cigar with a friend or family member?

If any of these Senators represent you, please take a moment to thank them:

  • Sen. Rubio, Marco [R-FL] – Sponsor
  • Sen. Barrasso, John [R-WY]
  • Sen. Boozman, John [R-AR]
  • Sen. Casey, Robert P., Jr. [D-PA]
  • Sen. Cotton, Tom [R-AR]
  • Sen. Ernst, Joni [R-IA]
  • Sen. Gardner, Cory [R-CO]
  • Sen. Inhofe, James M. [R-OK]
  • Sen. Kennedy, John [R-LA]
  • Sen. Manchin, Joe, III [D-WV]
  • Sen. Menendez, Robert [D-NJ]

If you have any questions about the bill or other federal issues affecting premium cigars, please contact Victoria Ellington Federal Affairs & Operations Assistant.

Thank Your Sentators

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Urge Your Senators to Support Premium Cigars

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